OMFG yessssss

2017-09-19 03:36:46 by CoolCatDaddio

I broke my computer and I spent all day trying to fix it

and I did it, I fucking did it. Jesus christ I corrupted some of the files with a faulty shut down

and I was about to give up and just drink away all my sorrow when some random suggested I shut off some program in the system files,anyway, he ended up being wrong but that led me to finding some anomalies with the startup programs, eventually I found the source of corruption and managed to replace to the files that were damaged

holy shit, im so happy right now I thought I lost everything


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2017-09-19 03:44:27

start menu wont work though, but I wont complain


2017-09-28 20:00:16

Oh hey that's pretty good.


2017-10-09 22:15:08

Glad it worked out for ya. I had a hard drive fry a few years back. Took it to the Geek Squad. Took it to a friend in military intelligence in the Army.....nothing could be retrieved from it. Years of work lost.
I was pissed!