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I love the nipples, great job there

honk honk :D

personally, I dont how that bitch has the nerve to talk about her skin color when she has her wiener hanging out in the open on her forehead

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I was literally laughing the entire time

the writing is so hecking great and all the stupid gags tickickled me pink

This game is THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this game needs alot of polish
when you turn someone over, there should a visual Que or something so you know you have their vote, not to mention any sort of visual clue on who they are voting for would be nice

other thing include a gameover screen and an animation or something when you get caught instead of a black screen

its looks great, but it needs more to be fun

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🔼epic, take my upboat

wow this blew up! Thanbk for the gold kind stranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ninjamuffin99 responds:

So much win!

Finally got around to listen to this lol

also, not trying to stir up shit, buuttttt I remember when he got banned he made a Youtube video talking about Fae and Kay or whatever the stolen characters were called and kept getting the names mixed up lmfao

anyways, he seems to have matured over the three years, so good for him. Welcome back

This is very goood, some little professional advice though:
Turn up the reverb up 690% to make sure no one can understand what you are saying.
That is how voice acting professionals like Vic Mongoloid got their debut in animes like Full Molesting Alchemist

Oddlem responds:

Ohhhhh that's true! That's true!
Next time I change the speed to 1000 bpm so that it's just white noise dw dw

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I like your artstyle!

I recognized Patrick's style immediately, great job!

This guy was such a cool character, too bad his machine sucks ass

Nothing to see here, fellas

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