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personally, I dont how that bitch has the nerve to talk about her skin color when she has her wiener hanging out in the open on her forehead

I guess the first thing that came to mind is how god damn long your intro's are. For fucks sake, they shouldnt be almost half the video.
Here's a harsh lesson I learned years ago: No one cares about your intro's
I keep them to a minimum 3 seconds and I think you should follow suit

geeez, there's alot that I could criticize and give advice about.
I guess to for one, get better at animating text. the way you animate "eminent films" at 0:38 is really boring
you need to use a technique called "easing"
this video part at 1:50 ---> https://youtu.be/dY4K9MYDw5E?t=1m50s

I dont know how sophisticated your video editor is, I use Vegas Pro 14 myself and it has something that I can manually animate like in that video.
The biggest thing I want to you to learn from the youtube video is the concept of animating your text in a similar or other more exciting ways
watch the intro of that video to see the results of what im looking for.

I guess the last advice Im going to give is to study graphic design and learn to choose better colors, the logo colors are kinda ugly. I gues if you like the lime color, thats fine
but the red is too saturated and doesn't match the lime

HOWEVER the background neon green you have for your video is horrendous. Jesus Christ why, just have a plain white background if your not going to put anything on it or something less saturated.

honetly, just make this a podcast type of thing without video. Ditch the pointless long intro's and get better mics.

EminentFilmsAD responds:

I appreciate the advice you're giving. I put my audio fiction into videos so I can reach more than one social media platform, and to attract the audience with visuals of my characters to start off in connecting with them, and for their personalities to speak for the rest of themselves throughout the episodes.

I realize my intro is long, and my first video I've uploaded here on NewGrounds is Episode 3. If you haven't seen the video, I've made the theme shorter and will continue to use that version from now on.

The text I use for my Eminent Films intro I could admit is a little boring and I'm putting it into serious consideration in doing soon. So thank you.

As for the background colors I use. I have different colors to have audience identify which one of my series that I posted. Green is Slow Grow episodes. You will see what I mean as I'm uploading my old videos, two a day till possibly next Monday.

Lastly, I want you to keep in mind these videos are for fun, as it is a hobby I very much enjoy. I put a lot of efforts in making these videos possible, and as a guy who works in a radio station, I am BIG on the quality of audio. I use a professional Blue Yeti mic and I never record without a pop filter.

I hope my response is constructive and enlightens you. I appreciate your advice, even though blunt, I absolutely know you mean this as a benign gesture, and I appreciate hearing this from another content creator.

I hope you'll be sticking around for more content, I'm already working on episode 4 of Slow Grow.

Take Care, Friend, and Thanks Again :-)

hey man, sucks that people are just re-uploading without permission
but at least people are looking out for my boy by reporting them to you

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I think this game needs alot of polish
when you turn someone over, there should a visual Que or something so you know you have their vote, not to mention any sort of visual clue on who they are voting for would be nice

other thing include a gameover screen and an animation or something when you get caught instead of a black screen

its looks great, but it needs more to be fun

Dude I was young when I watched this, in the 2000's I didnt even know what "glue" was
good stuff

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very chill, I can dig it

Its ok, I dont think this falls under ambient, or chill though
too fast paced or upbeat for those kinds of categories IMO

I like the humor in this demo,
The demo really does a good job of bringing out your talent, so props to the people who helped out on that

RiverK responds:

Thanks! I figured silly was part of who I was, so why not play it up a bit? I don't think this all that solid of a commercial reel, despite all that though. I'll keep working on it.

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you are definitively now one of my new favorite artist
I really like how despite Zero and Dark Matter have the same color for the body and outlines you can still see their well defined shapes

I loooove it
def following you for this piece

Id like to think, even now, that he's smiling down on our dumbasses

Slow death with popcorn consumption


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