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hey man, sucks that people are just re-uploading without permission
but at least people are looking out for my boy by reporting them to you

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So, whats the point of posting this in the movie portal? oh cool, you can move a bunch of png's in an editor for whats basically just an ad

This "Trailer" really shows us nothing about your comic other than the cover art

you should really get better at drawing, im seeing videos like this pop up alot lately and videos like these really need the drawings to carry the story or narration or whatever
and both arent good in your case

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I think this game needs alot of polish
when you turn someone over, there should a visual Que or something so you know you have their vote, not to mention any sort of visual clue on who they are voting for would be nice

other thing include a gameover screen and an animation or something when you get caught instead of a black screen

its looks great, but it needs more to be fun

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I dont know why you bothered to upload this when anything about it is unfinished
the most fun thing I could do with this game was make a swastika seeing as how everything I clicked disappeared, regardless of the distance from my character

The U.I is very boring, learn how to make buttons appealing and give them a press animation or something.

the text is awful too, give them a button too, make them bold, give them a complimenting color or something to make this look more appealing or to show that clicking on it has some effect on the game

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Its ok, I dont think this falls under ambient, or chill though
too fast paced or upbeat for those kinds of categories IMO

I like the humor in this demo,
The demo really does a good job of bringing out your talent, so props to the people who helped out on that

RiverK responds:

Thanks! I figured silly was part of who I was, so why not play it up a bit? I don't think this all that solid of a commercial reel, despite all that though. I'll keep working on it.

Great Demo
I think your voice does a good job of conveying humor

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I really love art like this
I like the color palette too!

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dude pass the blunt

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MoonMew responds:

I would if I could ;3

I like how how you shaded her, especially the colors

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SamLynch responds:

thanks mate, really appreciate that!

Slow death with popcorn consumption

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